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We're there because we care!!

We are the Memorial Ambulance Service of Fort Benton. Currently our service consists of about 20 ECPs (Emergency Care Providers) ranging from First Responders, QRUs (Quick Response Units), EMRs (Emergency Medical Responders) to AEMT (Advanced Emergency Medical Tech). We are a volunteer service with one paid employee.

Our Service started because people of our community found a need to fill. People started giving memorials, in the names of their loved ones, to get an ambulance here in Fort Benton. Ever since that our service has continued being a memorial service. The only income we receive is from our billing for the use of our services and also from people who donate in memory of a loved one.

Our ambulance service is located in Fort Benton, Montana. Fort Benton is the birthplace of Montana. We are very proud of our history here and are able to share this with other communities and states through tourism. Fort Benton was established as a fur trading center in 1847, the fort prospered with the growth of steamboat traffic starting in 1859 and a 1862 gold strike, but declined with the advent of the railroad. Fort Benton became the world's innermost port...and the toughest town in the West!

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