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Emergency Management is the organized analysis, planning, decision making and assignment of available resources to mitigate (lessen the effect of or prevent) prepare for, respond to, and recover from the effects of all hazards. The goal of emergency management is to save lives, prevent injuries and protect property and the environment if an emergency occurs.




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Following are some highlights of the functions of the Chouteau County Disaster and Emergency Medical Services:

  • Emergency Operations Planning for all hazards, including -  natural hazards such as: floods, wild land fires, storms, tornadoes,  earthquakes, and drought. -  other disasters such as: mass casualty incidents, terrorism, civil disorder, hazardous materials accidents, and public health incidents.
  • Performing risk analysis to help develop disaster resistant communities and fulfill the functions of homeland security.
  • Coordination of the enhanced 9-1-1 program, including rural addressing, mapping, road signage and telephone/address database management.
  • Coordination of the pre-hospital emergency medical services planning, training and county wide mutual aid response.  One of the main components of this function is the Emergency Medical Technician courses and support for the county quick response units.
  • Coordination of the Local Emergency Planning Committee which is comprised of representatives from law enforcement, fire, ambulances, hospitals, search & rescue, industry, government and the public.

Chouteau County Disaster & Emergency Services
1308 Franklin Street
P.O. Box 459
Fort Benton, Montana 59442
Phone Number: (406) 622-3751
Fax Number: (406) 622-3012
Linda Williams, County DES/EMS Coordinator  lwilliams@montana.edu

Debbie Gessaman, Deputy DES/ EMS  dgessaman@hotmail.com                                                Phone Number: (406) 622-3027                                                 

Harvey & Janet Worrall, Deputy DES
Jodie Butler, Deputy DES

For an Emergency dial 622-5451 or 9-1-1